Selling a house in Dublin? 5 Tips to Improve Your Kerb Appeal.

As the property market becomes increasingly more competitive, we look into how property owners can make their property not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also increase one of the most important elements of any sale – Kerb Appeal

Here are 5 tips for the motivated seller to ensure your property gets noticed.

1. How can I dress the front of my house?

Often neglected as a purely functional piece of a property, the front door is often the first indication of design, age and upkeep that potential property buyers can see. 

Whether you’re a bungalow, barn conversion, new build or old, the front door is often the first thing prospective buyers will notice. In order to maximise the aesthetics before selling, try to ensure the door is well maintained and painted with letterbox polished.

It’s also important to ensure the perception of the house is well maintained, ensure all windows are cleaned and gutters are not overflowing or damaged.

2. Driveway Kerb Appeal

The pathway, driveway or entrance patio is something you might not think twice about however, but a potential buyer needs to be able to envisage themselves in this home. 

Take a look at the outside of your home, and ask if you’d be happy coming to view it. Not happy with what you see? A gentle pressure wash and a good sweep can make your home all that more attractive to buyers. 

3. How do clean windows improve property value?

Windows allow the light into the property making it look and feel more spacious. Try to ensure window sills are clear of any ornaments, well cleaned, and any blinds or curtains have the appropriate amount of TLC.

4. How to landscape Kerb appeal

An over elaborate garden has been proven to overwhelm potential buyers, especially ones who do not garden regularly. When approaching a sale, keep the garden well maintained but simple.

If you really want to make the garden stand out use both hardscaping and landscaping to emphasise the garden’s features.

5.Show buyers the light

A proven real estate tactic is exterior lighting. A study showed hotels who added a picture of an outside pool lit up at night received a 30% uplift in bookings. The same attraction works with real estate and potential buyers.

Try adding a few outside lights either along a path or embankment.

Some people simply don’t have an eye for the little touches, or simply do not have the time. If you need any advice on how to maximise the sale of your property, don’t hesitate to contact LWK.

Selling a Property in Dublin?

LWK has helped countless property owners sell their property at the best possible market rate.

If you would like to speak to us here at LWK about your property, then get in touch today, and a member of staff will be happy to help in any way we can.


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