What is the average house valuation cost in Ireland?


House valuation costs in Ireland vary wildly, with some property valuation services costing up to €500, here at LWK we can offer an independent free valuation of your property.  There are many different ways that a property valuation can be conducted in this article we will look at the top 5 ways to value a property, ranging from free valuations to paid valuations and everything in between.

Free house Valuations from LWK

As a large, citywide agent we have a strong and distinctive brand, making us one of the most recognizable estate agents in the area. LWK unlike smaller agencies also benefits from the ability to provide free no-obligation house valuations

Fair Deal House Valuations

A fair deal valuation is a different type of valuation, for a different circumstance entirely. The scheme formally known as Nursing Home Support Scheme, is typically used for an individual who requires nursing home care , essentially a registered valuer will provide an estimation of the property’s value and that will form part of a financial assessment, it also takes into account any pension and savings.

This assessment is then given to the state and provides the capital required for long-term care, using the property and other assets as collateral.

If you require a Fair Deal Free Valuation , contact LWK today.

Probate House Valuations

A probate valuation is where the state is working out the value of an estate to see whether any inheritance tax is due, and what amount may be owed.

This type of valuation is normally ordered by the probate office and is part of proving a will. It differs from a normal market valuation in the sense that it doesn’t provide a relative market rate, it will provide a value on the day that the owner passed away,

Probate value is the value of the home relative to the revenue services, it’s purely used to calculate inheritance tax and Capital Gains Tax.

A probate valuation is always required when the owner becomes deceased, regardless of whether or not the property is to be sold.

If you have been told you require or think that you may need a free probate house valuation, please get in contact today.

Banking, Legal, And Revenue Valuations

There are a few reasons that you may find yourself needing either banking, legal, or revenue valuation. The most common reasons are:

  • Probate
  • Family Law
  • TRV Valuations for Banking and Mortgage purposes
  • Revenue-related valuations
  • Family Transfer
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • HSE Fair Deal Scheme

If you require a Free independent valuation for these reasons or any other. Then get in contact with LWK today.

   How do I evaluate the value of my property?

There are many factors that need to be considered when looking at the value of a property, registered valuers will look at:

  • Location.
  • The size of the property.
  • Condition.
  • Any unique features. 
  • Potential for adding value: such as a new extension, attic conversion, or bathroom

Although potentially you could attempt to research how a valuation is conducted, In our opinion, the best option is always to have an expert carry out the valuation of your property. 

When you’re talking about an asset worth multiple thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions, even a few % can make all the difference

If you would like a free independent valuation then head over to our website for more information.

image showing how free property valuations work

Professional House Valuations vs Online Tools 

It’s important to note that several online tools now offer an indicative house valuation based on basic data like size, no. of bedrooms and square footage, etc.

These services – although helpful – can only give an indication based on the data provided. They really don’t let you know the true value of your home/property.

The second option is a paid valuation. This service is usually used by those wanting to draw a mortgage, and need an independent opinion from that of the seller’s real estate company. You should expect to pay anything in the range of €50 – €80 for a desktop valuation or €100 – €150 for a full valuation depending on the size of your property. Free valuations are also available from citywide estate agent such as Leonard Wilson Keenan.

The final option is one of the most preferable. You can ask one of Dublin’s most reputable estate agents who offer free property valuations regardless of intent to sell.

Sell my home Dublin

Selling a house can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, you need an estate agent who is on your side. At LWK, we strive to offer support and advice on everything from Kerb appeal to  Valuing your property

LWK has helped countless property owners sell their property at the best possible market rate. LWK offers a comprehensive and full free valuation of your property. 

If you would like to speak to us here at LWK about your property, get in touch today, and a member of staff will be happy to help!


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